Precise Measurement of User Response

How do people trust, authenticate, and use your products?

Subjective Evaluation

SPR uses proprietary RateThis™ technology to quickly assess users' preference and evaluation of products as they handle them. 

Behavioural Science

Using sophisticated methods from the behavioural sciences, SPR assesses non-verbal reactions to genuine and counterfeit products. For example,  the speed and accuracy of authentication judgements of briefly presented, moving banknote images with different types of security features or under different lighting conditions can be accurately assessed.

Eye Movements

Eye movement monitoring is SPR's top-pick approach for measuring rapid consumer responses to complex visual information, such as banknotes and brand protection devices. Easily teamed up with Behavioural Science Methods, eye movement monitoring supplies a wealth of useful, insight-generating information. 

Image Analysis

SPR uses ASPIRE©, a proprietary computer-based algorithm that analyses digital images of banknotes or product packs to predict the information users will likely gain when handling them naturally.  ASPIRE© goes well beyond typical salience image analysis by including human perception, cognition, and emotional factors in its algorithm. ASPIRE© predicts whether users are likely to notice security features  and whether these devices are likely to be  effective at boosting user confidence.  On its own or supported by perception testing, this technique is an essential tool at the product design stage.