Insights for Design and Innovation

How can perception science  advance your product design and help you innovate?

Supporting design  & innovation

SPR has successfully consulted with numerous industry design teams to help them transform new security technologies into acceptable and preferred security devices that really work for consumersTaking a user experience and perceptual science perspective helps guide decision making in product design.  SPR consultancy has also helped several central banks make design and manufacturing choices to optimize their banknotes for public users.

Supporting internal research

SPR has supported numerous central bank and industry suppliers to design in-house research, helping them avoid pitfalls related to experimental confounds, inadequate controls or imprecise measuremnt approachs. Whether a simple questionnaire or a behavioural authentication task is being considered for an in-house resrach project, seeking help from the professional as SPR avoids costly, naive errors in data collection. SPR also assist with statistical analysis of data and report and presenation preparation. 

Workshops & Seminars

SPR has an outstanding record of many successful seminars and workshops on perception science and its implications for banknote design and brand security that have been delivered to several major central banks, industry suppliers, and many times for the International Banknote Designers Association. Using a combination of lectures and hands-on practical exercises, attendees come away form an enjoyable and throuhgly interesting day with a greater understanding of how perception science impacts their work.