ASPIRE© [Automated Secure Perception Image Recognition and Evaluation]

A Digital Tool for Assessing Public Banknote Authentication

SPR Ltd. is an acknowledged world leader in banknote perception testing. Although perception testing continues to serve a valuable purpose, the fast-moving needs of central banks and the banknote industry require a fast, flexible and low-cost method for assessing banknote safety for the public. To meet that need, SPR combined extensive experience with expert scientific knowledge of human authentication to develop ASPIRE©, an automated image analysis tool for assessing public banknote authentication.


A fast, low cost AI-based method for assessing a banknote’s public authentication potential.

ASPIRE© combines automated image analysis of the entire banknote with a focused analysis of a banknote’s public-level security features.

ASPIRE© produces a Report Card with an assessment of the entire banknote design plus analysis of the banknote’s security features. 

The ASPIRE© Report Card includes specific and detailed information on pathways to improvement.


ASPIRE© applies proprietary image analysis software to digital images of banknotes and security features. 

ASPIRE© software analyses perceptual, cognitive, and emotional factors scientifically proven to affect human authentication.

More than just basic AI, the ASPIRE© Report Card provides expert interpretation and pathways for improvement. 


Aspire© Report Card can be used to:


Research shows that counterfeit detection is significantly more likely if users look directly at the primary security feature within one second. 

ASPIRE© predicts the probability of fixating the security feature with >80% accuracy.

User authentication is more accurate and faster when visual effects on a security feature are obvious and intense. ASPIRE© analyses visual effects for complexity, intensity & engagement.