Secure Perception Research



We are research and consultancy specialists providing insight into consumer perception of banknotes and brand protection.

  World leading 

•  15-year track record with G7 Central Banks and leading industry suppliers.

  Highly skilled professionals with expertise in perception and cognitive neuroscience. 

We conduct research using the latest behavioural, neuro-scientific, and computational methods.

We study consumers as they interact with products and assess what works and what doesn't .

Our research findings are used to:

We analyse banknotes, security features, and product packs using SPR's ASPIRE© image analysis software.

We offer consultancy on user authentication issues 

We assess potential and existing product design problems. We provide unique user-oriented insights to  inspire innovation. 

We work with...

How we work...

Top of our agenda is secure handling of information, confidentiality, and scientific quality.

Clients come to us when there is gap in knowledge, they require data to support a key decision, or they have concerns about user confidence.  We help define the issue, develop a cost-effective, timely method to gain the required insight, and deliver clear, insightful reports. 

Everything we do is bespoke to individual client needs. 

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